Reasons why Emiway Bantai should turn down this feud against Divine.

Hey yo guyz what’s up! I don’t care what you were doing but if you have come to my post than you are the most amazing person in the world and today we are going to discuss why Emiway should back out of the feud again, so let’s begin.

This all started when divine in his live said that (by mocking Emiway on his machayenge song success) anyone can get views on YouTube but it’s really hard to get the music streams on other platforms and in the reply Emiway released a track few days ago named “hard” in which he took subliminal jabs towards Divine and in the reply Divine released a Diss Track against Emiway named “Chaabi Wala Bandar”  and it wasn’t a subliminal one direct shots were taken against him and now let’s focus on my points ok.

  1. Image of Beef Rapper: – Well Emiway and his fans live in this make believe world of Narnia where they and him thinks that he is a “beef rapper” which was true up until he turned  down KR$NA’s diss tracks and chose to ignore him and refuse to be a beef rapper and ever since he is taking sub shots against everyone and my point is that divine is a hardcore artist and if Emiway gets in with him one inch than if he loses than his whole picture would be fall to dust.


  1. Things Would Get Dirty: – As the recent time shows that how dirty can dissing be like they practically want to kill each other or murder each other on their songs. They reveal their dirty secrets, embarrassing ones in front of the whole world and just wish them to die and in the recent time there was this incident occurred where the rappers started giving death threats to each other and it took tupac’s life in past and we don’t want anything like this happen again.


  1. Not That Lyrically Genius: – Well if the recent time shown us anything it is that Emiway sucks in reference games and double entendre’s as well his most raps looks like a newcomer’s poetry doesn’t have layers to unravel doesn’t have hurtful jabs and he ain’t no Picasso and all so if he goes on and on against divine he would end up swallowing his own healthy career.


You must be wondering why this post is so small well there is not much with Emiway to discuss and after all if he thinks he can put up with someone like divine than it would be like Erin jaegar goes against the Titans without his powers which is impossible to do and the result would be pretty embarrassing for Emiway and his fans hahahahaha and I am out.

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