5 Netflix Teen Drama that will help you forget the stress about Coronavirus


My boys who are getting bored during quarantine you can rely on me cause I have got your back. I have a list of shows which will relief you from all the stress that is going all over the world and give you something different to stress about. In this list i will be presenting you guys with 5 teen drama, thriller and genre shows that will hook you up hopefully.

05. 13 Reasons Why :- The theme of this show is pretty different than others the girls who took her on life left 13 tapes behind and those 13 tapes has 13 revelations about


the people who she thinks are responsible for her suicide . well this show has unique story and this will surely hook you up for good once you start watching it you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from watching each and every episode of it .

04.The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina :- Well the series is centered on Archie comics character Sabrina Spellman. She is half witch and half human who fights against the


evil forces and saves the days. It received mostly positive reviews for its presentation and storytelling and I think what better way to engage your mind from life threatening pandemic is fiction with good grasp on story so you should go for it.

03. I Am Not Okay With This: – After watching it you’ll feel the absolutely opposite of it . The show is about a girl who has telekinetic powers but she doesn’t know how to


use it and doesn’t even know how she got it at first place and the show revolves around the mystery of it so it is worth to give it a shot and yeah it has positive reviews as well so go for it bud.

02. Stranger Things:- As Eminem said in one of his recent track “something is lurking can you feel it” well in this show they all felt it . The show is a full house it has thrill,


supernatural events, drama and over the top suspense , it is refreshing has 80’s vibes which makes us all want the simpler times more and great storyline and has currently rated 93% on rotten which makes it a must see show.

01. Riverdale: – Based on the characters of Archie comic this is a teen drama about 4 kids whose hobby is to solve mysteries aside of the fact they are teenagers who are


in schools but here is the cache of the show that every character is having their own life problems which are interconnected to each other’s but will going to cross paths in the end and it is very intriguing. You will definitely love the show but there is a possibility that you might get addicted to it so watch it at your own risk.


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