5 questions about coronavirus that are still unanswered .


HELLO WORLD! i am back at it again and so does china as well but this time with more deadly virus this time it is called COVID-19 aka coronavirus . It is the worst virus ever and that is why it became pandemic at first place but i am not going to write about things that already has been published about the stupid virus but you and i we are going to question the questions that are still unanswered.

let’s begin…

5. The Origins :- OK there are literally like 1000 of pages out their that will claim the origins of corona virus but not single one of them is certain that the cause they are


describing in the blog is legit and that troubles me a lot cause some claims it came from bat while others says that it was developed in the lab at Wuhan and China is pointing their fingers at America and blaming them for the virus at the end of the day the people are unsure what to believe or what to not.

04. Cure :- well you see the situation all around the world you only think about one thing that how will it stop cause quarantine maybe working but we need is a fucking cure and scientist all over the world is working on it but nobody is sure how much more will it take to launch the vaccines into the market and that haunts more than coronavirus itself cause one side we brag about going into space live on planet that is inhabitable and can’t even cure the stupid virus that is not done guys.

03. They Opened The Virus Market Again:- Well! Well! Well! Looks like somebody wants to make profit from the market which caused the whole world their life and


months of lock down. The seafood market the root of corona virus the place they all claim from where it all started is finally reopened and is selling the same things that they were selling their before the outbreak so it’s safe to say “playing with fire and don’t expect to get burn”.

02.Credibility of Testing Kits: – Well there is this recent case happened in India where Bollywood actress found positive of corona virus at first but after 4 more tests she


was found negative and turns out she doesn’t have corona virus it was a false alarm and this raises more question about the testing kits credibility.

01.What About China:- The whole world is fighting the problem that china created

Jonathan Bartlett illustration for Foreign Policy

and it’s causing everyone’s their life and time but not single government in the world is blaming or suing china for it and this bothers me so much that why china not being held accountable for jeopardizing everyone’s life.

That’s it for today readers and i’ll be back again with another interesting feed see you all soon.

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