April 10th 2020 (I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE)

As everyday’s passing we all are freaking out that what is going to happen next and the most important question is what is next for us (humanity) . is this humanity’s faith , is this the end that we deserve, you and me we both going to find out in my every day journal here, so let’s begin.

We are in the 4th month of 2020 and things are not settling at all first there was Australian fire then there was WWIII kind of situation and now covid-19 . History has not once but many times repeated itself and this time is no different as the great saying goes ” Sweetie do not play with fire and expect to not get burned ” . We have never cared about mother nature or mother earth we have always took earth for granted that it won’t harm us but damn the dying  earth will and that is what is happening with us . We wanted to explore Mars but never want to save the planet we have born in , colonize mars in possibly 10-20 yrs where chances of life is yet a mystery but we don’t want to save the planet who has 100% chance of life and these are the thought that is in my head from days that i want to be vocal about .

Let’s comeback to the topic 4 months of 2020 and 2 months of 2019 and yet we still don’t have a clue about the virus’s origin or vaccine and when one think about it that people who can’t even find the cure of the stupid virus expects to go to Mars and colonize it i mean how stupid does it sounds.  The whole world is in the lockdown situation ever since the virus became pandemic we have lost countless life to covid-19 and number doesn’t seem to slowing down at all cases are increasing day by day no way to slow it down even through locking down the fucking world . Everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen and that is the most frustrating thing to do, where the whole world is fighting against covid-19 by getting united , India is still standing tall and divided because of news channels who never had the decency to cover the topics unbiasedly always manipulate the majority against the minority but this time they are sending a lot of hate towards minority but that is just the news let’s talk about the days and how are they passing but there is a wait i will be talking about this subject tomorrow .

This is me Shabbir from b-hub signing out…


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