Well it all started when I first read about a conspiracy theory and I still remember that the theory was about the moon landing being fake. Those guys were talking about how NASA fooled the whole world so I immediately believed it because they also had evidence of being that fake and just like every other conspiracy there is also a man who was being an insider and turned on them after the mission basically he / she betrayed them but at first he contributed than we don’t know but suddenly he had change of heart and became a good man and revealed the very truth about NASA .


I am just not talking about moon landing I am talking everything else in this world like 9/11 , Hitler never died , Tupac is alive just like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and so on and so forth .


My question is not about this my curiosity is about the theory that has proposed by Mr. Elon Musk about the simulation. That we are currently living inside a simulation just like the movie matrix and I can’t help but to think that what if, it is actually true than what is the faith of humanity. And this thing just upsets me every time because no one in my family is educated enough to understand what I have to say about the world but lately I am also getting this feeling that what if everything is a lie ……

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