So guys annabelle comes home is out now in theatres near you and is doing well business and has a rating of like 69 percent at Rotten tomatoes but is it really a worth to watch Annabelle comes home in today’s blog you will find out why you need to watch annabelle comes home ASAP so let’s begin..REVIEW – well guys what to say about the review of annabelle comes home well direction was good it has his own spooky moments from time to time you don’t feel like your wasting your money by watching this movie you will never feel like this movie is scary enough well every time you tried think that it’s not scary enough there you go it will pitch another spooky scene for you and leave you completely speechless the acting is up to the mark actors did a well job we were thinking of seeing more Ed Lorraine in this movie but we were disappointed because There were rlike in this movie for about 20 minutes something and all the movie was lifted by the kids they carried the movie on the back and in the end there comes ed and Lorraine to celebrate their daughter’s birthday with her. Well in this movie I realised a thing that it’s not the story that makes a horror movie terrifying but it’s the sound effects which makes it more spookier. Well if you think that you could survive then you should definitely go and watch the movie..SPOILER – WELL THIS STORY IS VERY MUCH SIMPLE ED AND LORRAINE BRING THE DOLL NAMED ANNABELLE WITH THEM TO THEIR HOME TO KEEP IT SAFE AND KEEP THE WORLD SAFE FROM IT BUT SOMEHOW BABYSITTER’S FRIEND OPEN THE CASE IN WHICH THE ANNABELLE DOLL WAS KEPT . WELL WE KNOW ABOUT ANNABELLE DOLL AND THE POWERS OF IT AND WHAT IT WANT’S. IN THIS VERSION OF ANNABELLE COMES OM THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH CLEARED EVERYTHING THAT ANNABELLE DOLL IS A MEDIAN THAT THEY TOLD EARLIER AND SOMEBODY SOME EVIL SPIRIT IS USING IT TO POSSESS A HUMAN BODY AND BECAUSE OF THIS THREE GIRLS THE ANNABELLE DOLL WAS FREE AGAIN AND IT WANTS THE BODY OF LORRAINE’S DAUGHTER JUDI . AND WE KNOW FROM ANNABELLE CREATIONS HOW MUCH FAR ANNABELLE DOLL CAN GO TO POSSESS A HUMAN BODY IT LITERALLY FREED EVERY SPIRIT THAT WERE CAPTURED IN THAT ROOM AND TRIED TO TAKE ON JUDI BUT SOMEHOW ALL THREE GIRLS WITHOUT THE HELP OF ED AND LORRAINE MANAGE TO LOCK BACK THE ANNABELLE DOLL AGAIN.(The babysitters name was Mary Allen and her friends name was Danielle and Danielle was trying to reach his dead father which recently died because of her mistake in a car accident and unintentionally in doing so she unlock the annabelle doll).WHAT’S NEXT IN THE CONJURING UNIVERSE – such as the Ferryman, the Bride, cursed samurai armor, a Feeley Meeley board game, and a hellhound in the above things are mentioned could be seen in the next coming movies in the Conjuring franchise.Thank you for reading

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