As WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment before Elias came into it . As WWE’s name suggest that it involve wrestling but with fun and every entertainment program needs a shocking stories to get it going and in this case WWE never failed to deliver what it stands for. There have been countless shocking events took place in WWE whether it’s the return of Ultimate Warrior or the leaving of Hulk Hogan , Whether its the death of a Dead man or the rise of the Dead man . WWE has given its viewers various types of shocks from time to time and on B-Hub we are absolutely going to list the 10 best shocks of all time.





Looking to the road to Wrestlemania this year every body was clear about one thing that the Universal title will change hands but who will be the hand to capture it wasn’t clear ?. Though every body were still praying that Roman won’t challenge beast again and it was to be determined from the Elimination Chamber match where 7 men were going to fight for earning the opportunity for the Title and when the chamber is over turns out that Roman is going to Wrestlemania half were excited by this and half were not but every body knows Roman’s gonna take the revenge this time. But the shock came when the beast walk out from the mania still holding the championship with a victory over reigns is the biggest shock for the fans of  WWE.


09. Cena Wins And Yet Lost –




Aside of the fact that people call him suck now he was a shocking performer too. At Elimination Chamber 2010 Sheamus was to defend his championship against 5 other competitors in a elimination chamber match . Which was started by Sheamus entering at a number one spot and Cena at the last. All the 6 men fight for the championship and at the end Cena was victorious by pinning the last pin over Triple H. Then comes Vince Mcmahon announcing Cena that he would be going to Wrestlemania if he beats Batista and with the help of 1 spear and 1 powebomb Batista secured a victory over Cena and became the new WWE Champion.






This is probably the biggest heel turn ever and it comes from the man who stood against wrong alone no matter what happens he fight alone against the wrong but it all changes  At Wrestlemania X-Seven, Austin faced The Rock for the second time and before the match began it was announced that the match had been made no disqualification. Midway during the match, Mr. McMahon made his way to ringside, then prevented The Rock from pinning Austin on two separate occasions and provided Austin a steel chair to hit The Rock with. Austin then hit The Rock several times with the chair and pinned him to win the WWF Championship for the fifth time. After the match, Austin celebrated by shaking hands with Mr. McMahon, turning Austin heel.






Adam Cole aside of WWE he is 3 time ROH World Champion, 1 time TV Champion, 1 time PWG Champion a former Bullet Club member shocked the world when he made his debut in WWE . It all took place at August 19th 2017 when Drew Mcintyre has defeated Bobby Roode to win the NXT Championship . After the match when DMC was celebrating Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Riley appeared ringside starring to the champion and then Adam Cole come from the crowd hit the champion from behind and became the villain in the process.






The Shield was often referred as the Hounds of Justice but this hounds have taken the rivalry from the Game Triple H when they betrayed Triple H and defend Daniel Bryan from getting attacked the night after Wrestlemania 30 ,every body was surprised and shocked too that Shield has choose to not serve the Game anymore and this led the Evolution Vs Shield for next two events where the shield were victorious defeating Evolution two times after the Payback event the next night on Raw Triple H confronted the shield with Batista leaving WWE once again Triple H said about “plane A didn’t Work but plan B always works ” turns out Seth Rollins attacking his brothers with a steel chair in the back and decimated them eventually joining the hands with Triple H and the end of The Shield.






Whenever the word Hijacking comes people thinks about terrorists , criminals etc. who can hijack the bus, train, city etc. but did you think that normal people without weapons can hijack the show ? Na , but it did happen in WWE . On the March 10 episode of Raw, Bryan and multiple fans occupied the ring ( dressed in Bryan T-shirts posed as fans outside the ring) and refused to leave, resulting in an irate Triple H agreeing to Bryan’s demand for a match at Wrestlemania XXX with the stipulation that the winner would be inserted into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the event. At WrestleMania XXX on April 6, Bryan defeated Triple H and was inserted into the title match, but Triple H attacked Bryan after their match. Despite a story line injury and interference from The Authority and a crooked referee , Bryan prevailed over Batista and champion Randy Orton in the WrestleMania main event to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.






In late 2014 Team Authority was set to face Team Cena in Survivor Series traditional elimination match where the stipulation was if Team Cena were to lose the match, every member of Cena’s team, except Cena himself, would be fired or  if Team Authority were to lose, only Cena would have the power to restore the in-ring jobs of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Towards the end of the match where Authority had Kane , Luke Haper & Seth Rollins on the other side Cena had Himself, Big show & Dolph Ziggler remaining in his side. While Big Show feared the losing and hit Cena on his forehead with his punch lead Authority to score the fall over the captain and making the odds 3 to 1 but Ziggler showed the wrestling that has left in him and scored 2 eliminations over Kane & Luke harper. Making the one on one competition at the end but Triple h interfered and hit a pedigree on ziggler and put rollins over him and the referee was about to fall Ziggler and light goes off and comes the Sting with the Crow Titran in the back ground and beat Triple h and put ziggler on top of rollins and Team cena wins with the help of Sting.






Royal Rumble Match of surprise where any player can come on any number and you don’t know which one going to come next . Every year there is one player comes which shocks the fans. At Royal Rumble 23 the match begins with Ziggler and Evan bourn coming at 1st & 2nd position and the match was going towards the end at the position 29th Edge showed up(A Surprise return from an year long injury in just 6 months ) shocking every single stars and fans throughout the home . Eliminated every body and won the Royal Rumble 23rd and won the chance to headline Wrestlemania.






IT has got to be the shocking moment ever in the history of professional wrestling. When Undertaker lost his streak against the beast Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania XXX. This was the biggest upset in the history of Professional Wrestling a 21 year long streak couldn’t survive 22nd and fall from the wrath of beast.


01. Heart Break End –




Who else does deserve the no.1 spot than the end of Shawn Michaels . The end of Shawn Micheals left every body in tears and shock . The HBK of wrestling retire from WWE as he promised left heart broken  fans of him throughout the world at Wrestlemania XXVI.

Alright that’s the list fellas see you next time.











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