Welcome to the b-hub this time we are going to talk about the TV shows of Indian cinema which are running out of story but still manages to get the viewers but before heading towards the list let’s see some facts of our cinema-

1. The T.V. cinema of India started in 1980.

2. The first shows of our cinema were Mahabharata & Ramayana respectively .

3. The first channel to showcase shows of our cinema in Hindi was Doordarshan.

4. The first people to own a T.V. were some Neogi Family from Kolkata .

5. The total count of Indian T.V. channels is 823 .

6. The first horror show on Indian cinema was Zee Horror Show.

7. The first Indian crime thriller show was Karamchand.

8. The first Indian television Soap opera was Hum Log (1984).

9. The first show which get sponsored ads. was Hum Log (1984).

10. There is no 10th and let’s just cut to the chase here and get back to our list:-

5. Yeh Rishtaa Kyaa Kehlata Hai ?


This show has started in 2009 and was meant to focus on the character’s of Akshara (Hina Khan) and Naitik (Karan Mehra) from Udaipur. The start was absolutely good and it picked the pace ever since but in 2016 completing 7 years and the lead actor Karan Mehra (Naitik) left the show and after sometime the lead actress of the show Hina Khan (Akshara)  also left. It’s when the downfall for this show started and then the show shifted the focus from Akshara & Naitik to the Naira (Shivangi Joshi ) & Kartik (Mohsin Khan) but this thing is also not working and they quite have lost the catch as well because every body loved the character of Akshara & Naitik with they being not in the show makes the show collapse and now it is running without the story nothing makes sense in the show now and i think now is the time to end this without making it the dumb shit for the viewers .

4. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah


India’s longest running sitcom TMKOC focuses on the life of the society name Gokuldham and their every day encounters with the problems and and it’s been airing since 2008 and July 28 this year it will complete it’s 10 yrs but we don’t think it’s getting stronger with time instead its getting weaker. This is because it was meant to focus on the life of Gada family and the show was making sense till 2016 after that it started to get dull and they don’t even have the concept to showcase, all we were seeing from 2016 was festivals and festivals and festivals and there was nothing going on in that show and now the audience have started to get bored from that because the show is totally relying upon  the festivals to get it running either they are enjoying the festival or they are going out . Even their acting skills have started to fade and there is not much variety in plot lines going on in the show and this year or other it will end due to the lack of creativity.

3. Tenali Rama 


The Show is about the famous poet Tenali Raman who is from one of the eight great poets at the court of Vijaynagar emperor Krishnadevraya. The starting of the show was very good absolutely every body enjoyed the show which is about solving the riddles in a comic way is one of the best. But currently it is starting to slow down due to not much left in the show. The show is currently focusing on the son of Tenali Rama which is very boring and it is holding the show down since a month no more of riddles we are getting in the show and started to get bore with it . If this continues to happen it won’t be wrong to say that the days of this shows are numbered.

2. Ishqbaaaz


The Show is about the unbreakable bond of three brothers . It started in the year 2016 since then it was ruling the chart boards in TRP’s . But in 2018 the show seems to lose its path because every villain in the show is either behind the bars or dead and now they no longer have new issues to run the show. So, they decided to shift their focus on day to day life matters but it doesn’t seem to attract the interest after few episodes of this type of things they are trying to give the show a new way of changing the whole story of the show and now after two every people are again on the beginning of the show. Since, Star plus has never learned to shut the show when they are out of story. So they’ll keep trying until people like it or the leads of the show withdraws form it.

1. Yeh hai Mohabbatein


The Show  follows the love story of Tamil dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer and  Punjabi Ceo Raman Kumar Bhalla. Ishita is infertile and becomes emotionally attached to Raman’s daughter, Ruhi, who lives with her divorced father. This show has started in 2013 and has running since but this show is now in the biggest downfall due to the ill story and low TRP rate .Taking those points in mind the Star Plus channel has also given the show a limited period of time if show doesn’t perform well in coming 6 months than it will get over for sure.

Well that is all folks for this time if you agree with this list than feel free to review it by commenting down below .



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