Since the evolution of human beings we have never stopped thinking how do we make this world a better place? How it all would end? There have been more than 150 documented predictions how the world would end eventually ? Well this time on B-Hub we are going to talk about 5 theories that makes more sense and seems to be happening in today’s world. So, without having further discussion let’s start.

5. Artificial Intelligence :-


AI, most people like to pronounce it this way .  The development of Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest goals of scientists community and it has been made now “Sophia” the first AI is the living proof of it . The goal of this technology is to make life simpler for humans then what could possibly go wrong in this you ask & The answer is AI is something completely unprecedented and untested in the human history . We have created a form of consciouness that can think , act and most importantly can pass judgement. Here is a recent example of this ” The Show name Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in which Jimmy had a chance to interview the AI  Sophia, a humanoid robot in which she challenged Fallon to a game of rock, paper, scissors, which she won. She said, “This is the great beginning of my plan to dominate the human race.” Hey I may be thinking wrong about it but guys she isn’t a human which can be killed easily. So the theory goes like Ultimately the combination of extreme intelligence and logical thinking, combined with the discovery of fear, will drive them to an almost inevitable conclusion that we also fear them with access to the internet and the ability to learn extremely quickly , any AI will swiftly realize that , as humans we tend to fight against that pose a threat to us they will see their off switch as a threat to their survival and like the terminator movie they will strike first and if we aren’t prepared then it could be the last day of humans in the world.



Our plane is rich in biodiversity from the jungles of Madagascar to the searing hot Majave desert in California . Every biosphere has a network of food chains each containing “keystone species” sea otters, pacific salmon and mangroves being just a few of them. Being part of that ecosystem ourselves we are just as vulnerable as the fish , the insects and the birds all around us. We rely heavily on a number of animals and plants to supplement our living and they in turn rely on other. Lose on link in that chain and it could cause a chain reaction of die-offs as the ecosystem breaks down and if nothing takes the place of that missing link then this would all end whether you like it or not. Example of that is Honey Bees . These industrious little critters go about their day pollinating all sorts of plants that we and other species we eat rely on for food. They pollinate more than 30 % of all crops that we count on to survive. A large die offs or in the worst case extinction of the bees would result in mass starvation around the world within a single harvest cycle. With the increase in telecommunications usage and pesticides severely diminishing bee populations around the world . So you can know by that how much we are getting closer and closer to the end.



Burning city

A scenario you’ve probably heard about from the news is the idea of a “post antibiotic age” . Whether you’ve heard about it or not this is a very real and recent threat to our comfortable survival as a modern civilization. Anti microbial resistance is an increasingly problematic issue that leads to millions of deaths every year and it isn’t likely to get better anytime soon. Conservative estimates say that this will lead to more than 10 million deaths every year by the year 2050 and that’s if nothing unexpected happens. Antibiotics are the corner stone of modern medicine allowing everything from chemotherapy treatment and surgery to be possible without major infection and death. Every year doctors have to tell more and more patients they can’t be treated because an antibiotic isn’t working on them . As this continues to get worse common injuries that leads to infection could become completely untreatable, open surgery would become a thing of the past as the risk of untreatable infection would become far too great . The Antibiotic Apocalypse would throw the world back into medieval ages of medicine where doctors have no effective cure to treat infection other than amputation . It may sound crazy in modern time but it’s exactly this overuse of antibiotics for relatively minor problems that is allowing those pesky bacteria to build up resistance.



What if I say that we humans have only 3 minutes left to live would you believe, hell no, that’s not possible it will take 5 minutes to read our post and if that so, you had wasted your life’s last precious minutes and then I would say no my friends you are getting it wrong because we ain’t talking about these 3 minutes but we are talking about the other 3 minutes which you’ll know by the end of the post. So lets begin with the nuclear war theory We have been through two world wars and we would like to think that the world has learned to get along by now but unfortunately for the survival of humanity we are constantly under threats of triggering the final war “Nuclear War”. Mutually assured destruction like its acronym suggest is one of the maddest doctrines ever devised. It ensures that if a country were to ever use a nuclear weapon on another state with the same capability both sides would unleash their entire nuclear arsenal bringing about the complete annihilation of both countries. With the resulting nuclear winter and the likely participation of other countries in the exchange this would almost certainly lead to destruction and death on an apocalyptic scale. There are over 15000 nuclear warheads in the world, with more than 4000 ready to fire at any time . So, that is where the time comes that we were talking about in the first few lines there is a clock not an ordinary one, “The Doomsday Clock”, a clock maintained by the bulletin of the Atomic Scientists , is a symbolic clock that illustrated how close humanity is to a global catastrophe and it is currently set at 3 minutes to midnight the most dire time since 1984 at the height of the cold war.



No, end of world theory can be completed without an Alien Invasion. For those who don’t know about aliens? , We would like to tell you that Aliens is a species, a strange species, believed to be living outside our Earth and constantly watching us. There are many cases in the past of Aliens abducting humans for research purpose and returning them again but this can’t go long some day they might have to come in the light from the shadows and many theorists believe that they might not come alone but they will bring the wrath with them and believed that they will destroy the humanity but some of them also say that they might become friends with us . Let’s hope that this wouldn’t happen anytime soon because if it does , are you prepared?

Thank you for reading and for more of this posts make sure to follow our page and see you next time.

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