In the part 2 we are going to talk about the inventions of Nikola Tesla but
didn't get the fully credit . There are many things that Tesla had discovered
and from that the first we'll talk about is The Rad


Many people thinks that Glamma Marconi was the one who invented the radio
 however his work is was based on the work done by the Tesla. He had 
theorize that radio wave could transmit information as far back as 1893
 in lecture demonstrations. In 1898 Tesla demonstrated a radio control 
boat  which he dubbed telly automation that kind of sound pretty standard
 today but not in 1898. The crowd that had witnessed the demonstration was
 so shocked that they literally claimed that Tesla was using magic or had 
a trained monkey hidden inside to control the boat when Marconi became 
world famous for sending the first transatlantic message Tesla said the 
following :- "Marconi is a good fellow let him continue he is using 17 of
 my patents"


X-RAYS was discovered by Tesla before Wilhelm Rontgen was credited with the
 discovery in fact Tesla took the very first X-Ray photos for some reason 
after Wilhelm claimed discovery it was believed that X-Rays could cure 
blindness . Despite Tesla's warnings that X-Rays could be dangerous Edison
 tested in one of his employees due to this he has to amputate his arms 
and he died of cancer and Edison also fired X-Rays into  his own eyes 
during experiments when questioned about in 1903 Edison said "Don't talk 
to me about X-Rays I am afraid of them" .


He has also designed Hydro-Electricity which was powerful enough to light
 a city and he had also created a pocket size Earthquake machine  But this 
wasn't his ambitious projects , it was  Tesla Tower or Wardenclyffe tower 
in modern day was set to deliver free energy to the world by using the 
earth's ionosphere as part of the transmission device but this didn't made 
it to the reality because of lack of funds he had to shut it down in the
 end and had started his downfall since . Tesla started hellucinating to
 such an extent that the boundaries between reality and imagination became
 blur this caused him to work alone in his lab tirelessly. He often stated
 that his lab is the only place that he is truly happy . Example of him 
became clinically insane is his final quote- 

” I have been feeding thousands of pigeons for years but there was one pigeon a beautiful bird pure white with light grey tips on the wings that one was different no matter where i was that pigeon find me when i wanted her i had only to wish and call her and she would come flying to me. I loved that pigeon I loved her as a man loves a women and she loves me then one night as I was lying in my bed in the dark solving problems as always she flew through the open window and stood at my desk and knew she wanted to tell me something important so i got up and went to her as I looked at her and you she wanted to tell me she was dying and then as I got her message there was light that came from her eyes powerful beams of light”

i don’t think there is anything else to say there, over  his lifetime Tesla had obtained more than 100 patents & 700 inventions but despite all of this he was dirt poor. For many years he worked alone in his room at hotel New Yorker where he died in 1943 living on a diet of Milk & Nabisco crackers . So, the question which is raised now is How can a man like him died poor when he could be the world’s first billionaire ? & the answer is after the failure of his Tesla Tower his confidence gets broken and  eventually led him to the ground from the sky . Well Tesla was also a humanity lover he wanted to do things for the society, he wasn’t  a profit minded he only wanted to make this world a better place for living.


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