The Human mind is truly an incredible thing, capable of speech , thought , critical thinking and imagination. When we think of the great legendary minds of this world , we think of the brilliance of people like Einstein, Newton etc. Einstein taught us about the rules which govern our universe , fundamentals, things like time, space & matter.But in terms of practical discoveries that are the basis for the technologies we use each and every day , it was Nikola Tesla a man with an excellent mind . Who can memorize the books and visualize the inventions with the 100% accuracy. Today on B-Hub we are going to talk about Nikola Tesla and his inventions which could have changed the whole world today.

Birth :-
Nikola was born in 1856 in a small village of modern day croatia. Tesla’s birth took place in the night of violently lightning storms which is a sign of bad omen, the mid wife said to Tesla’s mother that he would be a child of darkness , which she get replied by Tesla’s mother “No, he will be a child of light” Which later i am gonna reveal how?.

School & College Life :-
When Tesla was in a school he had the ability to perform integral calculus in his head . It was so unusual that his teachers thought that he was cheating, Tesla also possessed an eidetic memory Which means he could recall entire books and images in great detail a gift which he attributes to his mother. Because of his genius brain at the age of 21 he could speak in 8 languages and had the highest grades in his class and had claim to work from 03:00 am to 11:00 pm daily. At the end of the second year he became addicted to gambling in which he lost his all tuition money till the third year of his college. However he did manage to gamble back the money he had lost in and return it to his family. But the damage has already been done when the exam time came around Tesla was unprepared and asked for an extension to study but he was denied, He never got graduated from the university and didn’t receive grades for his last semester. In December of 1878 , to hide the fact that he had dropped out of university , Tesla cut all ties with his family .

Feud with Edison:-     edison0

In 1880 he moved to Budapest and then finally to America with just four cents in his pocket. After taking up few odd jobs , Tesla began his work for Thomas Edison at Consciente Edison Company in 1882 , Many people consider Thomas Edison as The Father of Light Bulb but its not all true . In fact Edison figured out how to sell the light bulb by improving on ideas of 22 other men before him but Edison went on to found the General Electric. In 1885 Tesla said that he could redesign Edison’s DC motors and generators Which were very inefficient at that time had a tendency to spark and break down. Edison liked the idea and offered Tesla $1 million US dollar in today’s currency for the job. Tesla go to work and did as he promised and completed his job. After the completion when he asked for money , Edison laughed and stated “Mr. Tesla you do not understand our American humor”, Tesla has just been ripped off big time and left Edison’s company. After being cheated by Edison he decided to put his energy into joining the electric revolution in the form of the research of alternation current or AC. While he searched for financial backers to support his vision of an AC powered world Tesla took up a job of digging ditches for $2 a day or $50 in today’s currency to make ends meet.Tesla eventually struck a partnership with Westinghouse by George Westinghouse. This has put him in the direct competition with the Edison and his DC system. Edison’s DC system created dangerous sparks , couldn’t transmit electricity very far and required a power plant every few Kms. with cables thick as human arms. While on the other hand Tesla’s AC system has thinner wires, had higher voltage and could transmit electricity over long distances. The fight was on and the prize for the winner was the privilege of lighting up the entire world. Deep down Edison knew that his system was inferior to Tesla but of course he don’t want the public to know this . He needed a way to make the public despise AC and accept DC. Families who were living near to Edison’s laboratory began to notice something a little strange . Their pets suddenly began to disappear and it is not the work of aliens or kidnappers or psychopaths but a group of students paid 25 cents for each animal that they stole. This was Edison’s solution once he gathered the cats, dogs and other animals from the school boys he publicly electrocuted them using Tesla’s AC current to prove that it was dangerous , too dangerous to be used in any house . In addition to this, Edison aided in the creation of the electric chair making sure that it used AC current, Tesla responded to all of this by demonstrating that AC was perfectly safe by famously shooting electric current through his own body to produce light at the 1893 world fair. As a result of his inventions, Tesla was shot into the stratosphere of stardom , rubbing shoulders with the most important people of the day. From arriving with just four cents in his pocket and now have an unprecedented fame. Hard work pays off for him . Meanwhile Edison has lost the control over his company due to series of mergers. But Edison did invent Phonograph and motion picture camera , so he also has contributed greatly to the society.





edison 2

Over the next few years , Tesla would invent a few foundation technologies that drove the 20th century and still hold relevance today . And we are going to talk about this in the next part until than goodbye.


Credits: Cold Fusion a you tube channel

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