Top Five Overly Pushed Players In WWE

On this post we are going to talk about the players who are overtly pushed by WWE & if you don’t know what overtly pushed is, let me tell you it means that players who don’t have that much callibar but still some how manage to get the opportunities again and again and again. This continues till the player has had enough. So this time we are going to count those players currently in the roaster who have been pushed to the sky but still they haven’t made it so, without further dues let’s start the list.

5. Baron Corbin :- The former NFL player and a three time Golden Gloves Champion, Andre the giant winner and the Money in the bank winner but still don’t worth it because every time wwe gave him opportunity he failed miserably, like the first time when he won the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at Wrestlemania and built the hype among every superstar and defeated ziggler in a match but couldn’t get much from that and ended up being an ordinary one. Then he again got a push and had won a money in the bank briefcase which had made many superstars careers in the past, superstars like Edge , Daniel, Sheamus etc but corbin failed in that also and became the third person in the history to unsuccessfully cashing in the money in the bank contract. Then at last he has been given the United Stated Championship which has been the prestige for so long but corbin still didn’t make the best out of it and losing it to the Ziggler eventually. And now he has given the so called Constable gimmick let’s see what he make this opportunity of .


4. Roman Reigns :- This is now obvious that Roman Reigns is the guy that Vince Mcmahon has to offer and public has to reject. Every single time when there is an opportunity for championship then it will be given to Reigns because wwe thinks that there are no good players than Reigns For eg:- Last Elimination Chamber Braun Strowman pinned every single one of the seven wrestlers in chamber, for what? so, that Roman can defeat . The only thing the so called Big dog was doing in that match was ducking every player and  that is all he was doing . That’s  why wrestling fans from all over the world are booing reigns right now because he has been pushed overly by wwe. Recently kurt announces in the episode that we will have a fight to determine the challenger for brock in extreme rules pay per view. Who first appear for the challenge? Roman Reigns and he has been given the opportunity by kurt angle also. What perfect example than this that Roman Reigns is overly pushed by WWE .


3. Bludgeon Brother :- The worst team of all time a handful of moves and a good height and scary face that is all they have and still they are our Tag team Champs right now . I mean they beat the USO’s in their very first attempt no rematches nothing they beat the USO’s the pride of smackdown in a very boring match at Wrestlemania 34 . This shows that WWE script writers sucks because they made USO’s & New Day look Rookie that they don’t even know how to wrestle. This is biggest error by wwe that their tag team champions aren’t worth it because of some factors like lack of mic skills, lack of in-ring skills, lack of speed etc that just makes them a paper champion.


2.  Charlotte Flair :- The daughter of Ric Flair is from the players that is pushed mostly by WWE in recent times after Kaitlyn , AJ, Paige’s leave or retirement. She has been made the “Queen” all of sudden .We mean she has also done struggle but not like her brother has done. She is also one of the favoritism player in WWE who has given everything even if they don’t deserve it. We mean the Girl who has beaten the entire locker room before her match with Charlotte at Wrestlemania is defeated by her. This shows favoritism WWE made her lose to Charlotte so that they can establish as The Queen for long time period.


1. Braun Strowman :- The Monster Among Man certainly don’t deserve to be the champion now because he is also from a non wrestling background and don’t have much moves in the artillery and still manages to beat all of the superstars in Roster. The monster among man has been given the monstrous push in recent times that locker room in wwe also don’t like . The first fault in him is he has a handful of moves to perform in the ring, he doesn’t have much skills to show off aside of being the size advantage he has which has nothing to do in the wrestling because the bigger your height will be the lesser your moves will get. So, basically if he some how becomes the WWE Universal Champion that won’t affect anything because then he will also be like only defending the championship but not able to give the memorable fight which would be remembered for the ages.


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